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Living life out on the road — it’s the great American dream, right? Whether you have an RV, a motorhome, a campervan or a travel trailer, it’s important to have the correct kind of insurance before you hit the highway so that you don’t encounter any unintended snafus over the course of your travels. If you’re looking for the best RV insurance packages for you and your lifestyle, the information below can be the difference between getting the perfect policy or settling for second best. 

What types of RV insurance are there, anyway? Basically, you can go one of two ways: either recreational campervan insurance, for weekend campers or vacationers, or full-timer insurance, which is meant to cover the additional liabilities that come along with living permanently in your RV. 

What do these different types of motorhome insurance cover? Recreational insurance is similar to auto insurance in that it covers damages and injuries from any accidents that may occur, but it goes further than auto insurance does in covering belongings inside the vehicle and accidents that happen in the vicinity of the RV (like damage from a campfire!) Full-timer travel trailer insurance usually covers all of these things, while also delving into liabilities typically covered by homeowners insurance policies. These liabilities include theft of belongings stored on your property, charges levied by your RV homeowners association, and other fees associated with making your RV your primary dwelling. 

Motorhome insurance cost and plan pricing depend heavily on what type of motorhome you have and how you use it. Most motorhomes are considered Class A vehicles, while smaller motorhomes are labeled Class C and even smaller camper vans are grouped into Class B. Typically, insurers who offer motorhome insurance quotes charge more to insure larger Class A vehicles and less for Class B vehicles or pull-behind trailers. As with auto insurance, your driver’s history is factored into your RV insurance cost, and other considerations include your chosen deductible, age, gender and marital status. 

The best way to make sure you’re getting the best RV insurance is to request an RV insurance quote online. You can visit our website to request online campervan insurance quotes, or call us directly to speak to one of our agents. We know life on the road better than other RV insurance companies, and we know the importance of having proper protection against something going wrong out there. Contact us today for a quote and start putting the pedal to the metal!

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